How to get Australia PR in 2019 SubClass 189

SHORT DESCRIPTION : Steps to apply for Australia PR Subclass 189

Step1 — Must be in Skill Occupation List ( Skill Occupation List OnlineLINK )
Step2 — Assessment ( Assess Your Eligibility OnlineLINK )
Step3 — Get Skill assessment ( Official Immigration Website OnlineLINK )
Step4 — Submit Expression of Interest [EOI] ( No Fee, Apply this online on authority site of Australia Govt. OnlineLINK )
Step5 — Letter of Invitation ( Govt. authority send you this letter, you have to wait for this )
Step6 — Apply for VISA ( Applications are submitted thorough online immigration portal )
Step7 — Main Applicant – 3755 Australian $
Step8 — Spouse ( Extra Fee 1700 $ to 1800 $ )
Step9 — Children ( Extra Fee 1700 $ to 1800 $ )

DETAILED DESCRIPTION : What is meant by Permanent Residency of Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189?

PR is s status of third country residents in a certain country where they live and work permanently after having passed there minimum 4 to 5 years (for example in Germany PR getting time is almost 4 years in most of work visas), whereas Australia and Canada offer this status from the very first day you land in these countries provided you have professional skills they lack for. So in your case, if you are qualified enough as per the temporary shortage occupation list of Australia, and then are invited to apply by Australian government and score minimum 65 points for attributes, then congratulations, you can hold Permanent Resident status from the very first day you enter Australia.

Key feature

  • The visa is called Skilled independent visa (subclass 189) points based stream.
  • Your visa status will be permanent.
  • Processing time differs for each applicant but generally it is for 75% of applications 7 months and for 90% of applications 8 months.
  • You do not need a sponsor to apply.
  • You must be under 45 years of age.
  • You can work and study anywhere in Australia
  • You can sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • You can also apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible
  • You must have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • You have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation (different requirements for different sectors)

Visa Cost

The visa processing fees for this visa is on higher side as compared with other visa categories. Since it is for direct PR status, so many consider it still reasonable. Currently Australian government is charging.

  • AUD3,755 for the main applicant
  • 18+ one family member AUD1,875.00
  • Under 18 one applicant AUD940.00. Here, you can calculate the total visa cost if you are applying with different family members Visa Pricing Estimator.
  • You might have to pay an extra charge for any applicant 18 years old or older who has less than functional English (for example 4.0 band score in each module of IELTS). This charge is the second installment. Pay it only when you are asked to do so as so will be asked for this only when you will be granted the visa.
  • The second installment charge for family members is AUD4,885.
  • Please do note that Visa Pricing Estimator does not include the second installment or other costs.Additionally, you might also have to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates and bio-metrics.

How the application process works?

The process is simplified and lets you apply and get positive response before paying the fees. Following are the main steps.

  • Check your eligibility if you are able to apply. You must score 65 for attributes (age, skilled employment, English language skills, qualification, Australian study, and specialized education from Australia) to apply.
  • Submit an expression of interest (EOI) through skill select.
  • Once you get an invitation to apply from skill-select, do apply for the visa within 60 days.
  • Get the visa and travel to Australia.


You must score minimum 65 to apply for PR of Australia. If you apply with less than this score, you will not get invitation to apply. You must calculate your score through following way.


You must be under 45 years of age, when you apply for visa. If you turn 45 during the time period your visa application is under process, you will still be given points for your age. You can calculate your age points as under.

18 – 24 years25
25 – 32 years30
33 – 39 years25
40 – 44 years15


For the qualifications you claim points, you must have proofs and have completed it. The authority undertaking your skills assessment may determine if your qualifications are comparable to the relevant Australian qualification.

A Doctorate degree from an Australian educational
institution or a Doctorate from another educational institution
A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational
institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another
educational institution
A diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia10
An award or qualification the relevant assessing
authority for your nominated skilled occupation recognizes

Furthermore, medical doctors are not able to claim points for a doctorate – that is Doctor of Philosophy, PhD – unless you have successfully completed this type of qualification. You may calculate your points as under.


Competent English0
Proficient English10
Superior English20

Complete information table of eligible English tests against their levels.

IELTS6.0 band each7.0 band each8.0 band each
TOEFL12 Listening
13 Reading
21 Writing
18 Speaking
24 Listening
24 Reading
27 Writing
23 Speaking
28 Listening
29 Reading
30 Writing
26 Speaking
PTE50 for each of the 4 test components65 for each of the 4 test components79 for each of the 4 test components
OETB for each of the 4 componentsB for each of the 4 componentsA for each of the 4 components
Cambridge C1 Advanced Test169 in each of the 4 test components185 in each of the 4 test components200 in each of the 4 test components


You must show that you have skilled experience outside Australia to claim points as under.

Number of yearsPoints
Less than 3 years0
3 – 4 years5
5 – 7 years10
8 – 10 years15

Skilled experience inside Australia

Number of yearsPoints
Less than 1 year0
1 – 2 years5
3 – 4 years10
5 – 7 years15
8 – 10 years20


You can claim 5 extra points if you have at least 1 degree, diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution.


You can also score 5 more points if you have a Master’s degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution that included at least 2 academic years to in a relevant field.


Calculate points as per above mentioned criteria, and if you score 65 overall minimum, you hold minimum eligibility criteria to apply. Follow these further steps to move forward.


You should get qualification assessment form relevant assessment authorities. These assessments are valid for 3 years. Afterwards, you must apply for a new assessment. Click here to read about all relevant assessment bodies.

Temporary shortage occupation list

You must make sure that you are professional, that is in demand in Australian shortage occupation list. If not, you cannot apply for skilled independent visa subclass 189. Click here to check temporary shortage occupation list.

Get invitation to apply

You must get an invitation to apply for a visa. Without this invitation, you cannot apply for visa. You can get invitation by submitting expression of interest.

Expression of interest

Please note if you are invited to apply after submitting expression of interest to skillselect, this does not mean visa. This simply means an invitation to apply for visa. There is no fees for this invitation. You must apply for visa straightaway after getting invitation to apply. You can submit your expression or interest by clicking here.

Meet health requirements

You must meet standard health requirements to submit your visa application. This will be in a form of a certificate from authorized panel of doctors. You can know more about that here.

Character requirement

You must also prove that you hold no substantial criminal record and have good general behavior. Additional you will have to provide a police certificate at the time of visa application. Know here more about character requirements.

Apply for the visa online in ImmiAccount

After completion of all above steps, you can now apply for the visa online. Here are the details how to do that.


As a result of the visa application, you might be given a visa to travel to Australia. If your visa application is refused, you might be able to have a decision review. However in each case, your visa application will not be refunded.